US President Joe Biden suffers from corona virus

ISLAMABAD, July 22 (Alliance News): America’s longest-serving president, Joe Biden, has fallen victim to the global pandemic coronavirus, and the White House has confirmed that the president has shown mild symptoms but will continue to work in self-isolation.

According to the foreign media, according to the statement issued by the White House, Joe Biden, the oldest person ever to be the president of the United States, has contracted the corona virus, which has shown mild symptoms.

According to 79-year-old Joe Biden’s secretary Karen Jean-Pierre, he has started taking a Paxloved course for the coronavirus.

He said in a statement that the president had been fully vaccinated while a third dose had been administered as he was experiencing mild symptoms.

Referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he said that in accordance with CDC guidelines, he will remain isolated at the White House and continue to perform all of his duties in the meantime.

Several members of Joe Biden’s administration and other senior figures in Washington have also tested positive for the coronavirus in recent months, including US Vice President Kamala Harris in April, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Attorney General Merrick Garland, but later All officials tested negative and resumed work.

Jean-Pierre said Joe Biden is on the phone with his staff and will continue to participate in meetings and meetings from the White House by phone and Zoom until he recovers.

He said he would personally resume work after the negative test, until then daily updates on the president’s health would be provided.

CNN quoted White House Corona Coordinator Ashish Jha as saying that Joe Biden’s nose is running and he also feels tired but has no fever.

With regard to the corona virus, Emmanuel, a former member of the team formed by Joe Biden and a medical expert, wrote on Twitter that we are now in a different place than the last time the corona virus happened to the American president.

They wrote that Joe Biden has been fully vaccinated and is taking Paxilvid, a drug that reduces symptoms.


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