US President signs new gun control bill

ISLAMABAD, June 26 (Alliance News): US President Joe Biden has signed his country’s first gun control bill in decades to ban weapons, which would bar people with criminal records and mental health problems from buying weapons.

The Arms Control Bill, now known as the Bilateral Safe Communities Act 2022, was passed by the House of Representatives on Friday evening with the support of 234 members. 193 votes were cast in opposition.

A day earlier, on Thursday, the US Senate passed the bill with 65 votes to 33 and sent it to the House of Representatives, foreign media reported.

As promised by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the House acted swiftly to get it passed and sent it to the President on Friday evening for signature for legalization.

President Joe Biden also acted quickly, signing the bill into law before leaving for a week-long trip to Europe on Saturday morning.

After signing the bill, the US president expressed hope that the law would save many lives.

Referring to a bill in the past, he said that the last time Congress passed a purposeful gun law for its own protection was about 30 years ago and he had attended the event.

The president described recent school and public shootings that killed hundreds of Americans, most of them children.

“There was a message for them and for us in the daily shootings in the streets to do something, but how many times have we heard such cries in which they say just do something now,” he said. Do something for God.

The US media has called the new law “the most important firearms legislation in more than 30 years.”

It is noteworthy that such legislation was passed by the United States last month after a mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo area of ​​New York and a primary school in Euvalde Texas in which 31 people were killed. Were

Under the new law, young people under the age of 21 will have to undergo a rigorous background check to purchase weapons.

It will provide 15 15 billion in federal funding for mental health programs and school security upgrades.

The new law will provide funding to encourage U.S. states to enforce Red Flag laws to remove firearms from people considered a threat.

The new law will also help curb the so-called ‘boyfriend loophole’ by stopping the sale of guns to abusers of unmarried couples.

The Conservative Republican Party, on the other hand, has opposed the new law, announcing that it will be repealed after the Congress wins the midterm elections.


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