US tried to punish Imran Khan for ‘disobedience’, Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan during a meeting in Moscow, Russia February 24, 2022. Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY.

ISLAMABAD, April 05 ( Alliance News): Russia has condemned another “shameful attempt by the United States” to interfere in Pakistan’s internal affairs, saying the United States had tried to punish “disobedient” Imran Khan.

In a statement, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Russia had noted that President Dr. Arif Alawi had dissolved the National Assembly on April 3 in view of the Prime Minister’s advice and earlier events.

He said that immediately after the announcement of Imran Khan’s second visit to Moscow on February 23-24 this year, the Americans and their Western allies had started pressuring the Prime Minister in an uncivilized manner and to cancel the visit. Demanded an ultimatum.

He said that when he came to Russia in spite of this, Donald Lou called the Pakistani ambassador in Washington and demanded immediate termination of the visit which was rejected.

Maria Zakharova said that according to Pakistani media, in a conversation with Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majeed on March 7 this year, a senior US official (probably the same Donald Lu) strongly condemned the balanced response of Pakistani leadership to the events in Ukraine. He further added that partnership with the United States is possible only if Imran Khan is removed from power.

The Russian official said that the way in which the PTI members joined the opposition after the no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister was tabled in Parliament, left no doubt that the United States was “disobedient”. Decided to punish Imran Khan.

He said that this was another attempt of shameful American interference in the internal affairs of an independent state for its own purposes.

He said that the Pakistani Prime Minister himself had repeatedly said that there was encouragement and financial support from abroad for the conspiracy against him. Which is scheduled to take place within 90 days after the dissolution of the National Assembly.

Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement that Prime Minister Imran Khan had mentioned Donald Trump, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asian Affairs, in an alleged letter about his government. I made the “threatening remarks” made by the Prime Minister during a public rally in Islamabad last month.

Last month, the National Security Committee (which includes all the service chiefs) called the letter a “clear interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs” and decided to issue a strong diplomatic response to it.


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