USA can be a biggest threat for Russia, Vladimir Putin

ISLAMABAD, July 31 (Alliance News): Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new naval doctrine on the occasion of Russia’s Naval Day on Sunday, which presents the US as Russia’s main rival and Russia’s global presence in key areas such as the Arctic and the Black Sea. Marine ambitions are determined.

According to the foreign media, while speaking in the former imperial capital of St. Petersburg on the Day of the Russian Navy, President Vladimir Putin praised Tsar Peter for making Russia a great maritime power and increasing the global status of the Russian state. .

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After inspecting the Navy, Putin gave a short speech in which he mentioned Russia’s unique Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles and warned that Russia has the military power to defeat any potential aggression.

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Shortly before his speech, the Russian president signed a new 55-page naval doctrine that sets out the broad strategic objectives of Russia’s navy, including its ambitions as a ‘great maritime power’. which is spread all over the world.

The new doctrine states that Russia’s main threat is from US strategic policy of dominating the world’s seas and the activities of NATO armed forces near the Russian border.

The new doctrine states that if other powers, such as diplomatic and economic arms, are exhausted, Russia can use its military power appropriately to address the situation in the world’s oceans.

During his speech, Vladimir Putin did not discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine, but presented the idea of ​​a comprehensive strengthening of Russia’s geopolitical position in the Black Sea and Azov in the military doctrine.

The new doctrine also identifies the Arctic Ocean, which the U.S. has consistently said is an area of ​​particular importance to Russia that Russia is trying to militarize.

Russia’s 37,650 km long coastline stretches from the Sea of ​​Japan to the White Sea, including the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Vladimir Putin said that the delivery of the Zirkon hypersonic cruise missiles to the Admiral Gorshkov frigate will begin in a few months and that their location will be based on Russian interests.

The important thing here, the doctrine says, is the capability of the Russian Navy, which is capable of responding with lightning speed to all those who think of violating our sovereignty and independence.

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Hypersonic weapons are capable of traveling at 9 times the speed of sound, and Russia has also tested zircons from warships and submarines over the past year.

Ukrainian forces attacked the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea fleet in the Russian-held port city on Sunday morning, injuring five crew members, Sevastopol governor in Crimea Mikhail Razozhiev said.


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