World Bank approved more than 25 250 million for the health sector in Pakistan

By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, June 08 (Alliance News): The World Bank has approved $ 250 million to accelerate national efforts to strengthen the basic health care system and global coverage to strengthen human well-being in Pakistan.

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors has approved 250 million for the National Health Support Program (NHSP) to provide universal health coverage while strengthening the country’s primary health care system. Ongoing efforts on a national basis could be intensified.

This ‘National Health Support Program’ enhances human capital investment and is based on healthcare reform, aimed at improving the quality and equitable access to health services.

A statement from the World Bank stated that the program is aimed at benefiting those who are lagging behind in access to health care at the national and regional levels.

Naji Ben Hesson, World Bank Director for Pakistan, said: “Pakistan continues to improve health care measures, especially for children and women during pregnancy and childbirth, to ensure access to basic health services.

He said the main objective of the program was to “build the country’s human capital and improve the health and nutrition outcomes for its citizens”.

The program will focus on reform in three key areas of health, including the following:

Expanding the referral system for patients to improve the quality of health care and essential services, ensure staffing, equipment and medicine, and expedite emergency and high-level services.

Focus on governance and accountability to strengthen the monitoring and management of basic health services through real-time monitoring of available equipment and essential medicines.

The program includes a central information platform for provincial authorities to assess the gap between the provision of public and private healthcare services.
Healthcare financing will be provided to improve the financial management of primary health care centers to better account for expenditures and forecast budgets to maintain the quality of medical services.

The program’s task team leader, Henan Henan Pine, said the NHSP forms a national forum for the federal and provincial governments to collaborate on exchanging lessons and achieving sustainable health funding, high quality and coverage of essential services. ۔

The program will benefit all communities by improving the provincial basic health services system, especially those with minimal access to health and nutrition services in about 20 districts.

The NHSP has been provided financial assistance of Rs. 258 million by the International Development Funds Association, while two grants of 20 82 million will be provided by the International Financial Facility for Women, Children and the Elderly. ۔

It also includes a 40 million grant that will be used to protect basic health services during the global crisis.

The partnership between the GFF and the Government of Pakistan will focus on improving the healthcare system, ensuring that all citizens have access to the services they need in times of crisis.


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