World must notice India’s “ghettoisation” of Muslims: FM

ISLAMABAD, Feb 9 (Alliance News): Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Wednesday said depriving Muslim girls of education in India was a “grave violation” of fundamental human rights and urged the international community to take notice of the situation.

“World must realise that this is part of Indian state plan of ghettoisation of Muslims,” he said in response to an incident of India’s Karnataka state where a mob of RRS supporters heckled a hijab-clad Muslim girl.

Qureshi said minorities in India continued to suffer mistreatment, which was a matter of grave concern.

He said India claimed a champion of secularism and democracy, while in fact, the Muslim citizens faced restrictions on their attire.

He said Muslims in India had their own culture and civilization and must stand up for their basic human rights.

He urged the secular minds in India to raise their voice against the mistreatment of the Muslim minority.

Qureshi mentioned that Prime Minister Imran Khan had repeatedly expressed deep concern over the growing trend of Islamophobia the world over.

He said at the 47th meeting of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers held in Niamey, Pakistan not only raised its voice against the growing trend of Islamophobia but also presented a unanimously adopted resolution.

The foreign minister said that the upcoming 48th meeting of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, to be held on March 22-23 in Islamabad, would discuss the Palestine and Kashmir issues, Islamophobia, and other challenges facing the Muslim world.

He said the focus would also be laid on how to effectively use the OIC platform to protect the rights of Muslims.


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