NIC empowering women, besides promoting entrepreneurship culture in the country: Parvez Abbasi

By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, April 02 (Alliance News): National Incubation Center (NIC) Islamabad and Google have jointly organized an event titled Women Tach maker 2022 to promote and established a women entrepreneurship culture in the country, besides a step towards equipping them  information technology.

The initiative aimed at to encourage, support and assisting the women belonging from far flung areas of the country through proper training center like NIC that would guide them about their passion, coach, speak, and consult them how to build strong communities through great leadership skills.
Project Director National Incubation Centre (NIC) Islamabad Parvez Abbasi sharing details of the center activities with Senior Journalist Shabbir Hussain during a brief talk after the event.
Coordinator, Project Director National Incubation Centre (NIC) Islamabad Parvez Abbasi while talking to Alliance News Correspondent Shabbir Hussain said that the NIC is providing support and conducive environment to start-ups through trainings, investor linkages and mentorship programs for the country’s socio-economic development.
Project Director NIC Parvez Abbasi paying attention to the queries of a journalist, accompanied by Director News TUM TV Shahida Naveed.

He was of the view that the present government’s right policies place to enable young entrepreneurs, particularly the women to play their part in Pakistan’s prosperity, adding that the government was providing business loans to youth on easy terms and conditions with an intention to promote women SMEs in the country.

Sharing details about the NIC, Parvez Abbasi said that the National Incubation Center is Pakistan’s largest technology incubation center; adding, the first purpose of the center is  built creative space in Pakistan buzzing with innovators, mentors, change-makers and passionate leaders.
Shahida Naveed ,Director News, Anchor person center, Educationist Amina Rizwan (lift) and CEO Knowledge Hub Aisha Mahmood Butt (Left) posing together for a photo at NIC Islamabad.

It’s a living example of a successful public-private partnership between the Ministry of IT & Telecom, Ignite – National Technology Fund, Jazz and Teamup, he said.

Replying to a question about how the idea float to establish NIC in the federal capital, he said that at the time when the Federal Government was planning to set up an incubation center, me (Parvez Abbasi) and my friend (Zouhair Khaliq) with a collective experience of over 7 decades in the entrepreneurial and corporate world, have discussed the idea how they can use their experience to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Parvez Abbasi said it is a high time and Pakistan needed to take advantage of its huge youth bulge by equipping them with modern IT based skills and creating a business-friendly environment in the country.

He highlighted the importance of training the youth in the field of IT, particularly in areas such as cyber-security and cyber-defence.

Project Director National Incubation Centre (NIC) Islamabad Parvez Abbasi center, CEO Knowledge Hub Aisha Mahmood Butt (Left) and Educationist Amina Rizwan (Right)


He also underlined the need of making smart and data-driven decisions to make progress in all fields of life and to fulfill the requirements of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder knowledge Hub Aisha Mahmood Butt at NIC Islamabad.


Chief Executive Officer & Founder knowledge Hub Aisha Mahmood Butt while addressing the participants of the event at National Incubation Center Islamabad said that the event aimed to have a robust and transformative discussion on eradicating prejudices and achieving gender equality, besides empowering the working women with proper use of information technology.

Group Photo of the participants of Tec maker 2022
Aisha Mahmood Butt said “I (she) believe the future of #entrepreneurship is female.”
“We often discuss the importance of mixed representation, and we know the same is true when it comes to women’s representation.”
Aisha Mahmood said that bringing people together is one of the main objective of the NIC  to ignite change and connect people through impact and build strong and sustainable community for better society.
Chief Executive Officer & Founder knowledge Hub Aisha Mahmood Butt addressing the participants at NIC Islamabad

Aisha claimed that the companies with a higher representation of women in the workforce have higher annual returns, greater share prices, and better acquisition and retention. Yet women remain underrepresented in all levels of the organization.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder knowledge Hub Aisha Mahmood Butt, Amina Rizwan along with Senior Journalist Shabbir at NIC
Aisha Mahmood said that the gender gap in the tech industry means that women are not getting enough opportunities to play a part in shaping the future of society.
While talking to alliance news correspondent, Aisha Mahmood Butt said that as a Project Management Consultant and mentor,  through Knowledge Hub my aim is to create opportunities and raising awareness for women in the Tech industry.
Project Director National Incubation Centre (NIC) Islamabad Parvez Abbasi center, CEO Knowledge Hub Aisha Mahmood Butt (Left) and Educationist Amina Rizwan (Right) posing for a picture.
Replying to a question, Aisha said that relationships and exposure are very important, both personally and professionally, In Smart Growth, we share that the rate of growth and success you experience flows directly from the wise cultivation of relationships and practical resources that comprise your ecosystem.
She said ” I am blessed to know and work with many wonderful men & women who support me, help me focus, celebrate with me, and push me to keep climbing”
To another query about women sufferings in our social system, Aisha said that women are lagging behind men mainly because of the relative absence of economic opportunities and minimal participation in decision making process.
Therefore, Aisha said it is more imperative to activate them in their decision making power and guide them about their entrepreneurship, besides they need training.
“I feel Capacity building of women is a must for development of entrepreneurship among women”. Aisha remarked.
Director News , TUM TV , Shahida Naveed posing for a pictures at NIC Islamabad.
Another Participant of the event and well-known media personality and host of Pechan Meri Pakistan program me Shahida Naveed said that it is very pleasant to see that there are more and more women leaders and women-led businesses gaining momentum now a days.
Shahida Naveed said that Its all because of the women proactive participation in the SMEs  which would not only help to address the issues of business women but also a way forward to build a more sustainable and prosperous society.
She said ” We hope this representation coupled with more equitable funding for women and minority founders changes the future of entrepreneurship for the better.”

While highlighting the importance of International Women’s day, Shahida Naveed said that women from all walks of life should come forwarded with an aim to contribute their services for national development.

Director News , TUM TV , Shahida Naveed along with Project Director NIC posing for a pictures at NIC Islamabad

She advices the participants of the event in general and women at large that they should Lead and act with more confidence in times of change and extreme uncertainty.

She said that women should Learn how to surf the waves of change and leverage powerful exponential technologies, including Reinvent business model, product, or service that would help them to thrive in tomorrow’s economy.
Director News , TUM TV , Shahida Naveed posing for a pictures at NIC Islamabad
Highlighting the importance of modern era and its significant requirements, Shahida urged the women to their digital skills to compete the world market and  Develop a Go Digital mindset and Stay Human in this fast digital world.
Director News , TUM TV , Shahida Naveed and Muhammad Huzaifa A volunteer for Google Techmaker 2022 posing for a pictures at NIC Islamabad
Muhammad Huzaifa A volunteer for Google Techmaker 2022 briefed media persons about various initiatives and performance of NIC.
He said that the NIC was providing a platform and required support to talented entrepreneurs for transforming their innovative ideas into a sustainable business.
Muhammad Huzaifa A volunteer and organizer of the event Google Techmaker 2022 paying attention to the questions posed by Senior Journalist Shabbir Hussain.

Sharing details of the NIC, he said that during the last four years, NIC Islamabad had incubated 230 start-ups which had generated almost Rs 2 billion in revenues, besides creating more than 11,000 jobs.

Over the next five years, NIC plans to facilitate over 200 budding startup companies that have the potential to create high growth businesses that are also sustainable, he added.
While the incubation center is looking for startups working in areas of fintech, real estate, e-commerce, cyber security and robotics, it is also on a lookout for social innovation ventures that can increase social inclusion and use technology for good.
Muhammad Huzaifa A volunteer and organizer of the event Google Techmaker 2022 paying attention to the questions posed by the Anchor person of TUM TV Shahida Naveed.

He said that NIC will not only focus on building new technology, services, instruments, and tools but will enable startups to find an innovative way to rebuild the infrastructure how the city & government collaborate to improve quality of life for all citizens.

Renowned Educationist, Well-Known Social Activist Amina Rizwan posing for a picture for media after attending an event at NIC Islamabad.

Educationist, Well-Known Social Activist Amina Rizwan while sharing her thought with media persons at NIC said that financial empowerment of women was imperative not only to help them support their families but also to play a part in the country’s development.

She said that women, in the dark ages before Islam, had to face immense discrimination, adding that today’s women were aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Mentioning the historic role played by the women in the Pakistan Movement, Begum Amina Rizwan said Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had linked the national development with the women playing their role alongside the men.

She noted that women were, apart from fulfilling other responsibilities, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with men in the fields of education, health, and sports and were contributing to the country’s prosperity. She advised the women to get educated at all costs.

Amina remarked that the women comprised 50% of the country’s population and were playing a big role in the country’s development.

Amina Rizwan

Amina emphasized that the successful women of society needed to guide those from backward areas about their rights. She called for efforts to end the exploitation of women in name of social traditions.

She also highlighted the government’s efforts for the empowerment of women, including legislation and awareness campaigns regarding women’s rights and for providing easy loans to females. She also underlined the ways for women to ensure the protection of their rights.

Replying to a question posed by the journalist ,Amina Rizwan expressed her satisfaction over the progress on the emancipation of women in Pakistan at all levels, including the representation of women in the parliament.

Replying to another query, she said Pakistani women were progressing in all fields on the basis of their talent and determination, However, she stressed awareness among women about their rights.



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